Initiatives for SDGs

Panasonic Center TOKYO aims to realize sustainable societies by sharing ideas and initiatives on solving various social issues, thinking together, and taking action.

We are active every day to help make our dream of a better life, a better world come true for each and every person.

We will not waver from our desire to create a happier, better future together. This inspiration is something we hope to share with you here.
We look forward to your participation in our activities as well as your opinions.

First Panasonic showroom to become carbon neutral

CO2 emissions reduced by energy savings, changes to operations, and different working styles.

The energy savings are obtained by introducing LED lighting, low-energy air conditioning, and low-emissivity film, etc. Exhibitions have become virtual and seminars or events are held online, while staff are encouraged to work from home, lowering air conditioning and lighting operation. These efforts have reduced CO2 emissions.

Switching to renewable energy-derived power and using clean energy

The Center changed to biomass-derived electricity and uses carbon offsets under the CO2-Credit Scheme for CO2 emissions accompanying district heating and cooling in the Tokyo Waterfront area. It has also started trial operation of pure hydrogen fuel cells, which are gaining increasing attention as a type of clean energy.

Aiming to be a sustainable base coexisting in mutual prosperity with visitors and regions

Changes to operations and to working styles have reduced movement not only by staff but also visitors, decreasing accompanying CO2 emissions. In the future our efforts will expand beyond CO2 emissions to effective use of resources and reduction of waste. Exhibitions, events, and seminars will fully communicate what we are doing.

Constantly delivering the latest news! Fun ways to increase your understanding

The first floor exhibition area displays essential information about the SDGs and the many ways in which Panasonic is contributing to the attainment of sustainable societies. Topics are regularly refreshed to constantly provide the latest topics and news!
Children can have fun while learning about exhibits or deepen their understanding through the fully realized special corners, making it excellent for them to learn by themselves.