Panasonic Eco Learning Program 2022

ESEn:PTHC work together with Environment-Safety-Energy PTHC Group Committee to organized “The 11th Eco Learning Program for 31 persons of Grade 5-6 students at a Watbangpreang School. Apart from classroom lessons of ; environmental problem and daily eco tips to minimize the environmental impacts with 3R concept, COVID-19 Prevention, we also provide them interactive game to educate on waste separation, solar light craft workshop, including let them practice to protect themselves and their families from Corona virus infection. Herewith, we also donate 500 antigen test kit, 6 gallon of alcohol gels and educational material to school for COVID-19 Prevention. Moreover, GA & committee of Prevention and Solution to Drugs Problems join to educate students about drug prevention in school.

Learning Station 1; 3R concept, Waste Separation & Solar Light Craft Workshop

Learning Station 2; Safety in daily life & COVID-19 Prevention

Learning Station 3; Drug abuse prevention in school and game

Donation medical equipment for COVID-19 Prevention