Vietnam: Third Vietnam National Environment Award Won


On July 31 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam selected Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (PV) for the National Environment Award for the third time, in light of its ongoing efforts for the environment over many years.
The National Environment Award of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is the highest award in Vietnam conferred to organizations, individuals, and communities that have achieved significant achievements in efforts to protect the environment. PV is the only foreign-owned firm to win this award.
PV has undertaken many initiatives with a focus on environmental protection for sustainability, such as raising energy efficiency, supplying products with minimal environmental impact, and reducing CO2 emissions in its production activities. It also emphasizes the environment and education in its CSR activities in addition to business. Since 2013 it has collaborated with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to plant trees in ten provinces of Vietnam to reduce CO2 emissions, protect the environment, and invigorate local communities. So far it has gifted over 250,000 trees. PV also gathered 50,000 used batteries from throughout Vietnam and gifted 20,000 low environmental impact eco-batteries to local residents. These efforts to preserve the environment have gained the company praise.
Mr. Marukawa Yoichi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam, spoke at the award ceremony. "It is a great honor to win this award, and a proud and happy occasion. Protection of the environment and CSR have been at the core of our manufacturing, business, and corporate citizenship activities in Vietnam for over 50 years. We have worked with the greatest determination to share with the people of Vietnam safer and more comfortable lives, to solve with our strengths in technological and manufacturing capabilities social challenges and especially the environmental problems."
PV is contributing to the health lifestyles of Vietnamese people and the sustainable development of the country as a company that will provide wellness solutions for the next 50 years.

At the award ceremony