Vietnam: Awareness-raising Activities for SDGs Held for Employees and General Public


Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (PV), as part of its efforts to maximize the opportunity of the 50th anniversary of Panasonic's presence in Vietnam, has implemented an online campaign aimed at employees, their families and ordinary people to raise awareness of the SDGs.
This campaign was implemented with the cooperation of the NPO Live & Learn from March 2 to 15. The main themes were environmental issues such as air quality, garbage, and protecting water quality. The campaign focused on families in particular, using Facebook to attract interest from more people. The campaign was made better to understand by using phases for action that was easy to take to more difficult content. The first phase consisted of daily quizzes, presenting prizes of reusable shopping bags, organic soap, and face masks to selected people who managed to get all the questions right. In the second phase participants took environmental action themselves, such as separating waste and using tumblers instead of plastic bottles. They then posted what they were doing on Facebook. Air purifiers were presented to people who posted about particularly excellent actions. A total of 8,060 people participated in the campaign. Scenes from the campaign were posted on the Facebook pages of Panasonic Risupia Vietnam and Live & Learn to further spread the word, being viewed by approximately 150,000 people.
In addition, PV agreed with local government to a plan to develop a recycled playground for children using recycled materials and garbage containers in the Đông Anh region, donating approximately $6,000 in construction costs for a recycling factory to manufacture them.
PV is continuing to look at other plans to make the most of the 50th anniversary.

Giving an air purifier as a present