A total of 507 people, including Panasonic Group employees and their families, participate in beach cleanup activities

November 9, 2022

To raise our staff’s awareness of severe pollution and threat caused by marine debris to marine ecosystems, Panasonic Taiwan’s President Lin Yuan-Chuan, Vice President Huang Zheng-Cheng, Vice President Toshifumi Miyahara, and supervisors from the Group’s various companies led more than 500 volunteers to participate in the “2022 Group Joint Beach Clean-up” event at the Wanli Xialiao Beach in northeastern Taiwan on November 5, 2022 when the northeastern monsoon was at its height.

2022 Panasonic Taiwan’s Group Joint Beach Clean-up

Since 2010, Panasonic Taiwan has been encouraging our employees and their families to participate in ECORELAY tree planting and beach clean-up activities the Group organizes every year. In 2012, the Group adopted Wanli Xialiao Beach especially to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Since then at this beach an annual beach clean-up has been held. In the 2022 event, President Lin of Panasonic Taiwan, General Manager Tadashi Kayada of Panasonic AVC Networks Taiwan, General Manager Hironobu Mori of Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Taiwan, and General Manager Hsiao Chih-Kuang of Panasonic Eco Solutions Electrical Construction Materials Taiwan personally led the team to clean the beach. Blown by autumn wind, the volunteers in windbreakers and light raincoats carried tongs and special trash bags in theirs gloved hands to pick up marine debris along the Xialiao coast. In addition to driftwood, items of marine debris collected included many indecomposable objects such as plastics, abandoned tires and buoys. The staff members who participated in the event said that it was especially meaningful to clean the beach with their families during holidays, and they were able to use this occasion to instill the ideas of ocean protection and environmental conservation in their children.

President Lin Yuan-Chuan and supervisors from the Group’s various companies leading a team to take part in the beach clean-up event