2023 Panasonic Group’s in Taiwan Tree Planting Event

As the unexpected warmth turns chill again in mid-March when early spring brings everything back to life, over 300 employees from seven affiliated companies in Taiwan (PTW, PAVCTW, PESECMTW, PIDMTW, PIDSTW, PSTW, PHTW) responded to the Arbor Day’s call to tree planting, afforestation, and earth-loving and participated in a tree planting event hosted by Taoyuan City Government at Longgang Wanping Park on March 12. Together, about 1,000 people participated and jointly planted 9 arbor trees and 1,000 shrubs, seeding greenery together with their own hands and building a forest for the future. It is hoped that the tree-planting would turn the park into “green lungs of the community,” bringing fresh air, creating a better leisure space, and inspiring more people to care about the earth and the environment.

All participating company personnel have contributed to the advancement of Taiwan's green environment

The event began with a joint tree-planting ceremony by Director of Panasonic Taiwan headquarters / President of Panasonic Taiwan Huang Zheng-Cheng and Taoyuan City officials including the Mayor, Director of Department of Agriculture, and Director of Department of Water Resources. Afterwards, the 300 employees in Panasonic planted 1,000 shrubs side by side with members of the community, sowing the seeds of hope for everlasting greenery and forest, in an attempt to co-create an environment-friendly community. In addition, 1,200 Taiwan-native orange jasmine and rhododendron seedlings were distributed and transformed into green potted plants using remanufactured cultivatable soil comprised of kitchen waste and recycled paper pulp supplied by the Department of Environmental Protection. As a result, the plastic reduction policy is being implemented alongside the tree-planting promotion. Those present contributed to the preservation of Taiwan’s wonderful green resources by working together.

Panasonic has always cared about the earth and environment, implementing the ECO RELAY environmental protection relay initiative in its entirety. Through efforts such as introducing changes in employees’ awareness, actions, and lifestyles, as well as participating in tree-planting activities, we intend to continue creating a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy lifestyle for Taiwanese society, while also dedicating ourselves to the protection of the environments of Taiwan and the earth.

Representatives from affiliated companies of Panasonic Taiwan attended tree-planting event

Sowing the seeds of hope for everlasting greenery and forest

Tree-planting event of the ECO RELAY environmental protection relay initiative Group photo with newly planted saplings