On November 25, employees of Panasonic Group of Companies in Singapore and their family members visited the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage to understand the nation’s commitment to sustainable development and how they can play a part in the Sustainable Singapore movement. The ECO RELAY event was organized by the Singapore Panasonic Group Environmental Committee to promote awareness on sustainability and green technology.

Marina Barrage houses Singapore’s 15th reservoir, the first in the heart of the city, and an education center that provides information about the country’s water supply and the importance of water conservation.

Through an interactive and educational tour, the 80 events participants had the opportunity to learn about the causes and consequences of climate change, as well as what they can do to reduce energy consumption in their daily lives. At the solar hybrid car workshop, they had the chance to build their very own solar hybrid cars. This hands-on activity aims to demonstrate how green technology can help minimize the environmental impact of human activity.