On 4 June, Panasonic Asia Pacific organized a tree-planting activity on Pulau Ubin (“Granite Island” in Malay), a tranquil island located off Singapore’s north-eastern coast. About 50 Panasonic employees and Singapore government officials planted 50 trees of eight species, including Rusty Sterculia, Wrinkle Pod Mangrove, and Seashore Mangosteen, that are native to the country.

The tree-planting activity was conducted under the Panasonic ECO RELAY banner in commemoration of World Environment Day 2024 to raise awareness of biodiversity conservation and contribute to environmental sustainability.

This year’s tree-planting activity is a continuation of Panasonic Group’s efforts in conserving this Pulau Ubin site following the planting of 100 trees in 2018 in celebration of the Group’s 100th anniversary. The effort also aims to bring about positive influence on society under the Group’s long-term environmental vision Panasonic GREEN IMPACT.

The tree-planting event was also organized in honour of Panasonic’s 50th anniversary in Singapore this year. On 24 June 1974, Matsushita Electric Trading Company Limited set up office in Singapore, marking the start of a strong partnership with the country.