Environment : Energy Efficiency of Individual Products

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Shown below is our current performance on energy efficiency using the Energy Star latest standards.


  • 76% (31 models) of 2012 TV models (41 models), including 100% of 2012 LCD-TV models (21 models) meet ENERGY STAR requirements (ver. 5.3) for both on-mode and standby power.
  • 36 models exceed the standby power requirement by 80% and the remaining 5 models exceed by 70%.
  • Our TVs selected in the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list consume 20-25% less power than the other ENERGY STAR (ver.5.3) qualified TV models.


  • All (100%) of 39 notebook series currently available qualify for ENERGY STAR requirements (ver. 5.2).
    (ENERGY STAR qualification based upon Total Energy Consumption (TEC) calculations in kilowatt hours per year (kWh))
  • Our notebook computers are approx. 25% better than ENERGY STAR TEC requirements on average.

Mobile Phones

Panasonic currently sells mobile phones only in the Japanese market. Regarding the mobile phone AC adapters for the Japanese market, all the models launched in 2011 onwards conform to Level V.