Pure hydrogen fuel cell generator

Hydrogen – key to a bright future

The hydrogen energy society that Panasonic is striving for is one in which energy is produced and consumed within communities' energy cycles to achieve a comfortable lifestyle free of CO2 emissions. Hydrogen energy puts society in action, and Panasonic's pure hydrogen fuel cells are essential to making this happen.


High power generation efficiency, quick startup, and a power supply during an outage

-The system is capable of a power output of 5 kW and a power generation efficiency of 56%, which is the best in the industry*1. It will constantly meets customers' power needs.
*1: Based on research conducted by Panasonic in October 2020

-The system takes only one minute to start up and is therefore effective for peak-cut operations, which require speed. In the event of a power outage, it generates power from hydrogen to allow business to continue, thus contributing to a successful BCP.

Linking systems to meet various power needs

Combining several units enables a variety of power generation configurations that meet the power demand for homes, stores, and industrial facilities.


Scheduled to be introduced to HARUMI FLAG, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village

To set up the system in HARUMI FLAG, we are conducting verification tests at several sites.

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