Vacuum Insulation Glass "Glavenir"

Thin, beautiful, and energy-saving glass

"Glavenir" vacuum insulation glass is about 6 mm thick and offers a thermal transmittance of 0.7 W/(m2•K), one of the best in the industry. The product lineup includes a float vacuum insulated glass featuring a poreless structure and a beautiful exterior, and tempered vacuum insulated glass with improved safety and heat insulation performance. The product is made of materials that do not contain lead, a hazardous substance, and is therefore safe to use in applications related to the food industry.


6 mm thickness achieves a thermal transmittance of 0.7 W/(m2•K), one of the best in the industry

Glavenir offers a heat insulation performance as high as that of ordinary gas-filled triple-pane glass despite the fact that it is one-fifth the thickness and two-thirds the weight. A plasma display manufacturing technology for creating a 0.1 mm gap between two sheets of glass and vacuum sealing them is applied to Glavenir to make it thin and highly insulating.

Flat form without protrusions on the exhaust hole sealing material

Ordinary vacuum glass has a cap sealing and exhaust hole, with this cap spoiling the appearance of the glass. Our original processing method transformed the float vacuum insulated glass into a poreless structure and the tempered vacuum insulated glass into a structure where the exhaust hole is sealed flat. As a result, both types of glass have well-designed structures and retain their original beauty.

A table top refrigeration showcase that has its glass replaced with Glavenir consumes 17% less power

We replaced the glass of a table top refrigeration showcase (standard multi-layered glass) with Glavenir and then compared the showcase's power consumption. We found that the showcase with Glavenir consumed 17% less power. We also found that the showcase with Glavenir significantly suppressed dew condensation to improve internal transparency (reports from a test conducted by Panasonic).


Glavenir product details

How the product was developed
In 2012, Panasonic started developing vacuum insulated glass (VIG) using plasma display panel (PDP) manufacturing technology. Although we are a relatively new VIG manufacturer, we possess technology that enables us to manufacture several tens of millions of vacuum panel sheets in our PDP production process. This highly reliable vacuum sealing technology has been applied to VIG manufacturing.

The float vacuum insulated glass has a nominal thickness of 6.1 mm, and was added to the product lineup as a high transparency model with high interior visibility (thermal transmittance: 0.9 W/(m2•K)) and as a high insulation model with high heat insulation performance (thermal transmittance: 0.7 W/(m2•K)). The tempered vacuum insulated glass has a nominal thickness of 8.1 mm, and its product lineup is limited to high transparency models (thermal transmittance: 0.58 W/(m2•K)).