Perovskite solar cell module

World's highest energy conversion efficiency of 17.9%

Panasonic has developed a large-area coating method based on inkjet printing and manufactured a perovskite solar cell module (aperture area 804 cm2: 30 cm long × 30 cm wide × 2 mm thick) using the same method, achieving the world's highest energy conversion efficiency of 17.9%.

*NEDO commissioned project "Development of Technologies to Reduce Power Generation Costs for High-Performance and High-Reliability Photovoltaic Power Generation"


Establishing a technology for producing perovskite solar cell modules using inkjet printing technique

The perovskite solar cell module has a power generation layer that can be formed by a coating process. Panasonic has developed a technology for forming a power generation layer using an inkjet printing technique, and has succeeded in forming a uniform power generation layer across a wide area. The company thus developed a perovskite solar cell module with a conversion efficiency of 17.9%, which is the highest in the world for solar cell modules.

Point of technical development 1: Improving the composition of the coating liquid into one compatible with inkjet coating

Among the atomic groups that make up a perovskite crystal, methylamine is thermally unstable and may cause problems during the heating process for module production. We have found that by replacing some of the methylamine with formamidinium, cesium, and rubidium, which inhibit thermal desorption, the crystal becomes stable and enables high conversion efficiency.

Point of technical development 2: Adjusting the concentration of the coating liquid and controlling its volume and coating speed

A process using an inkjet coating method allows the coating liquid to be applied in dot patterns for film formation. For an even crystallization on the coated surface, we tuned the concentration of the coating liquid within a certain range and precisely controlled the volume and coating speed. Consequently, we achieved the high conversion efficiency of a large area solar module.


About perovskite solar cells

The perovskite solar cell module comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be installed on the walls of buildings and to windows using transparent electrodes, which will lead to the spread of Net Zero Energy Buildings. Manufactured at low cost and able to be installed in various configurations, this module is attracting a lot of attention as a next-generation solar module. The conventional solar cell technology had difficulty forming a film across a large area, resulting in low energy conversion efficiency. Our newly developed technology has overcome this problem, allowing high energy conversion efficiency over a large area. We are planning to further improve perovskite layer materials to achieve conversion efficiency as high as that of crystalline silicon solar cells and create technologies for bringing improved solar products to new markets.