Providing Refrigeration Services and Utilizing Refurbished Products

Undertakings to achieve a circular economy in the showcase business

We believe that in order to apply the circular economy concept to a business, our services must contribute to the customer's life cycles. Our "S-cubo +Cs" supports the entire life cycle of stores using cloud data and by providing solutions to meet the needs and solve the problems of food retail businesses, such as supermarkets and convenience stores.


Customer issues that we are aware of: Limited budget to make effective investments

Food retail businesses, such as supermarkets and convenience stores, must make effective investments with a limited budget when remodeling or making equipment investment plans. Such instances include spending money on refrigerated showcases at individual stores, which must be carefully planned looking at the overall picture, watching out for the wear, maintenance, and installation environment of machines.

Solution 1: Refrigeration services

This service is totally different from selling refrigerated showcases, but is similar to a lease contract in which such showcases remain part of Panasonic's assets and customers are required to pay fixed service fees for equipment and energy-saving control charges, as well as maintenance fees. Panasonic constantly monitors the showcases, remotely controlling their energy-saving operations and preventing failures, which benefits the customer with a reduced 10-year lifecycle cost.

Solution 2: Refurbishment scheme

This is a scheme that makes a customer's chain business effective by checking and repairing a refrigerated showcase used at one store and using the repaired refrigerated showcase at another store. This scheme allows customers to contribute to energy-saving and waste reduction, as well as remodeling several stores on a limited budget, thus helping customers run their businesses efficiently.