Environment : Contribution to Local Communities

Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth

In order to encourage employees and their families to actively engage in environmental activities at home and in their local communities, Panasonic has been promoting Love the Earth Citizens' Campaign (LE Campaign) in Japan since 1998, believing that only truly green-minded employees can manufacture truly green products. In 2008 we introduced Panasonic Eco Relay, where business sites around the world plan local environmental activities and implement them with their employees, along with adults and children from the community. These activities have expanded on a global basis and developed in many different ways. We strive to contribute to establishing a sustainable global environment and society as global citizens through activities under Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth, which was named in October 2010 to reflect our desire to make a connection across the generations.

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Panasonic ECO RELAY JAPAN (PERJ), in cooperation with the Panasonic labor union, has been working on the restoration of woodlands in Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, with the support of local governments and environmental NPOs since 2011. A vacation center belonging to the Panasonic Group Workers Union Association is located in the area, serving as a venue for visitors to refresh the body and mind as well as for communicating the Group's activities in nature preservation and environmental education.This activity now expands beyond the Panasonic Group and involves local farmers and universities. Working together with the community, we continue monthly activities to recover rice terraces such as growing rice and vegetables, as well as to conserve forests such as woodland thinning and bamboo charcoal making. Also, reports on the current state of Sasayama's ecosystem, along with photos of activities, are compiled and released on our website.

Members participating in woodland restoration