Creating an open corporate culture in which compliance prevails

We strive to raise awareness of ethics and compliance by implementing compliance initiatives for employees that address various risks in order to promote fair business operations and realize a sustainable society in every country and region of the world. Also, we are striving to create an open workplace culture where it is easy for employees to speak up.

1. Panasonic Code of Conduct

Globally, in 22 languages, we are thoroughly implementing the “Panasonic Code of Conduct,” in which we incorporate the requirements of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, as well as other norms, and where we stipulate in clear terms, the requirement of “Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Business Ethics”.

2. Implementation of Compliance Education and Training

Compliance Guidebook

This booklet provides easy-to-understand examples of the matters necessary for our company employees to comply with the laws and regulations impacting their daily business activities and in order to meet the expectations of society, including laws and regulations relating to prevention of bribery, corruption, and cartels.

Image: Cover page of the Compliance Guidebook: "Are you sure you're doing the right thing?" for implementing the "Panasonic Code of Conduct"

Compliance E-Learning

We conduct a variety of compliance e-learning programs on a global basis that are targeted to specific Divisions, regions, levels, business sectors, etc. In particular, every year we conduct a global e-learning program, where we select a common theme from amongst important compliance topics, in order to raise awareness of compliance throughout the Group. Some examples include:

FY2018: "Serious Fraud"
FY2019: "Panasonic Code of Conduct"
FY2020: "Conflict of Interest" "Accounting Fraud"

Screen shot of Compliance e-Learning: "Having zero tolerance for wrongdoing" "Ensure compliance with the rules and proper execution of business operations" and "Building an open and transparent corporate culture" Let’s build a foundation of the right culture of compliance in Panasonic through our awareness and behavior on the part of each and everyone of us
From the Global E-Learning implemented in FY2020

Compliance Awareness Video

We created videos and animations about specific compliance risks in order to provide easy-to-understand explanations about problematic behaviors and rules.

Capture Image from the Compliance Awareness Video: "Prevention of Cartel learning from past cases ― Is that contact ok?" A man is talking over the screen
From "Prevention of Cartel learning from past cases ~ Is that contact ok?"
Capture Image from the Compliance Awareness Video: "Compliance Short Video on Anti-retaliation against Whistleblowers" A poster of the hotline and a female employee
From "Compliance Short Movie ~ Anti-Retaliation ~ "

Compliance Education “Manga”

To communicate compliance issues to our employees in an easy-to-understand and friendly manner, we produced a variety of compliance “manga” (cartoon), published in up to 25 languages, and made available to our global employees. The titles included:

FY2018 "Bribery" "Accounting Fraud" "Cartel" "Sexual Harassment"
FY2019 "Prevention of Bribery and Corruption"
FY 2020 "Cartel Prevention" "Data Privacy"

Image: "Compliance seen through comics Cartel Prevention" Front cover and an excerpt from the main pages

3. Whistle-blowing

We require open communication in the workplace and we also operate a global compliance hotline (Global Hotline "EARS") through which employees can report concerns about compliance, anonymously if they wish. We believe that the process of early detection through internal reporting and taking corrective actions is the basis for not only for resolving individual cases but also for gaining and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. We use various promotional tools such as posters to ensure that all the employees have the information they need to access to Global Hotline “EARS”.

Image: Front cover page from the Global Hotline "EARS" Leaflet
Global Hotline "EARS" leaflet
Image: Global Hotline "EARS" Poster
Poster for the Global Hotline "EARS"