For the Games

Introduces Panasonic's latest category products as well as related technologies and solutions to support the operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2020-1-7 Presenting Brand New Stadium Thrills

Panasonic has equipped the Olympic Stadium with large-scale video and audio systems that will fill the air with excitement and passion like the world has never experienced.

2020-9-14 Helping Video Production to Celebrate JOM's 1st Anniversary

Panasonic helped video production to celebrate the first anniversary of the Japan Olympic Museum (JOM) by providing equipment and assistance in filming.

The Shower

“The Shower” has wide-spreading shower heads that envelop and efficiently warm the body.

*Paralympic only

Wearable Power-Assisted Suit

The “Power-Assisted Suit” reduces burden on the lower-back that occurs when lifting heavy objects.

*Paralympic only
*global Paralympic category rights and not in the U.S.

Aqua Heart (Bath / Sink)

"Aqua Heart" bathroom equipment allows for a selection from a full lineup that accommodates the level of nursing care needed.

*Paralympic only

Home Elevator

From "barrier-free" to "floor-free". The “Home Elevator” makes it possible to have even a two-story house feel like a one-story house.

*Paralympic only

Large-Screen Display System

A large-screen display system that dynamically displays the wonder, excitement, and feverish energy of a competition.

Professional Projector

A professional projector that clearly projects the performance of the Opening and Closing Ceremony.

Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcasting equipment that supports diverse and high-quality broadcasting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Multi-video streaming system

A multi-video distribution system that makes it possible to view competitions according to individual preferences.