Hoping for Utilization of Valuable Light in Everyday Lives and for Studying

Ms. Mieko Osanai, Representative Director of JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP)

Photo: Ms. Mieko Osanai, Representative Director of JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP)

The JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP), which marked its 25th anniversary this year, provides educational support mainly in Cambodia and launched full-fledged literacy education projects that it took over from the Association of School Aid in Cambodia (ASAC). The first project base was established in the Kampong Cham Province of Cambodia. The team opened a literacy education facility for adults. Improving literacy will have a positive effect on people's lives and work, and consequently improve the advancement of children’s education, which is the ultimate goal of this project.

During the latest Bringing Light to People project, JHP solicited donations through crowdfunding and donated 120 solar lanterns and 16 solar storage systems during the school’s opening ceremony held in October 2018. All students were very delighted to receive the lanterns, which are small but very bright. The LED light powered by a solar storage system adequately lights the entire classroom. Much to our regret, a large solar panel we installed in another village has been stolen before. On the other hand, it will be easier to manage the lanterns and keep them safe from theft.

Since the opening ceremony was held soon after the rice harvest, the fields around the school were stumpy. I visited the village by car, but the roads were very bumpy and hard for an old woman of 88 (laugh). The village is completely dark at night because there are no streetlights. Students bravely walk to the school in this environment.

Most students attending the literacy education facility are mothers. They gather in the classroom after finishing their daily chores and preparing dinner. They are making diligent efforts to be able to speak, read, and write in their own language. Since donated lanterns are lent to all students, they are able to study at night and walk safely along the dark streets. It is very good to have meals in a bright room. I hope that individuals will make the most of these valuable lights.

Although local staff currently need our help, we are hoping to leave school operations in their hands in the future.

Mieko Osanai
Representative Director of JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP), screenwriter
She was born in Yokohama in 1930. As a screenwriter, she wrote a number of popular dramas, including Sannen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei (TBS) and Tobu ga Gotoku (NHK Taiga Drama). Meanwhile, she has engaged in international cooperation projects as the Representative Director of JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP). She recently wrote a book entitled “Shukatsunante Madahayai! Jinseiwa Kanrekikara!,” which means “Your life doesn't end at 60, stay active and start living again," (published by Yoshimoto Books).