Ending Poverty

Support for non-electrified areas
NPO/NGO support

“We want to help eliminate poverty from the world” - This is an unchanging desire that is the starting point of the Panasonic Group's corporate activities. In order to provide new opportunities for "Ending poverty" and create an opportunity to break out of the chain of poverty, the group cooperates with various organizations and facilities to carry out a variety of initiatives that transcend national borders.

Initiative overview Initiative overview

Everyone's AKARI Action
Creating the power to deliver light through donating used books, etc.

Non-electrified area solution project
The power to open up the future in non-electrified areas

Developing a unique program that contributes to "strengthening the organizational foundations" in line with the growth and development of the NPO/NGO sector

A publicly-offered subsidy program that supports the strengthening of the organizational foundations for NPOs/NGOs that are working to help ending poverty in Japan, as well as overseas areas.

A volunteer program in which employees support the strengthening of the business development capabilities of NPOs/NGOs by utilizing their business skills

Panasonic's local companies in Asia provide scholarships to students in those countries/regions in order to go on to university.

*Japanese Only

Workshops designed for employees after work inviting various outside guest lecturers helping in solving social issues

*Japanese Only

Participation in the "delivering food to developing countries" activity undertaken by the NPO TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT)

*Japanese Only

(2010-2019) A program to support the strengthening of the public relations base in NPOs/NGOs working to help solve issues in African countries

*Japanese Only

Pro bono activities to support NPOs/NGOs and social enterprises working to help with social issues in emerging and developing countries by forming teams of employees and utilizing the skills and experience cultivated in their work

Activities with this badge are designated for the general public to also participate in. Please see each activity page for details.

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