Environmental Activities

Environmental conservation activities
around the world 
Sustainable employee cafeterias

At the Panasonic Group, we have been working on global environmental issues at our bases around the world. As a new goal, we are placing greater focus on our aim for "Net zero emission of CO2" in 2030, and by 2050, we are working on reducing CO2 emissions by 300 million tons, about 1% of the global emissions level.* We will be putting even more effort into environmental efforts as part of our corporate citizenship activities, with a focus on biodiversity conservation.

*33.6 billion tons of energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 (Source: IEA), 300 million tons calculated with 2020 emission factors

Initiative overview Initiative overview

Environmental conservation activities pursued by a group of employees from nearby locations

Biodiversity conservation for all

Environmental conservation activities carried out by employees around the world

A place where children, who will lead the next generation, can learn about the escalating challenges of global warming and possible solutions to it, and be inspired to take action

A project that brings “light” created from renewable energy sources to areas without electricity in collaboration with partners such as NGOs, NPOs, and international organizations

*Japanese Only

Workshops designed for employees after work inviting various lecturers from within and outside the company helping in solving social issues such as environmental problems

*Japanese Only

Supporting the creation of opportunities to think about environmental issues and take concrete action by creating artwork on the theme of the global environment

*Japanese Only

A program to support the strengthening of the organizational foundation of NPOs/NGOs working on environmental issues

Activities with this badge are designated for the public to participate and experience.

Activities with this badge are designated
for the public to participate and experience.