In order to nurture future generations, we have established foundations that have existed since our founding and have been engaged in a wide range of human resource development activities, including education and scholarship support, as well as academic achievement awards. These efforts continue to this day as we further expand our activities with the support of many people in various fields.

Established in 1983.The Japan Prize is awarded to “individuals who have made unique and dramatic achievements in the fields of science and technology, contributed greatly to their progress, and thus contributed significantly to the peace and prosperity of humankind”. Founder Konosuke Matsushita was instrumental in its establishment and served as its first chairman.

Established in 1973. Originally established with the aim of promoting audiovisual education, the foundation now supports the use of ICT in schools and gives awards to organizations for “activities that nurture the spirit of children”.

Established in 2019. Newly established through the merger of the Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation and the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management. Provides grants and awards for self-study, on-site training, international research activities, etc.

Established in 1968. Aims to maintain and preserve the historical climate of Mount Ryozen in Kyoto, and to promote and disseminate traditional Japanese spiritual culture. Operates Ryozen Museum of History.