Panasonic began its efforts toward nurturing the next generation early and has continued to engage broadly with educational initiatives that include the establishment of several foundations, scholarships and other educational support, as well as prizes for scientific and technological achievements. These projects are made possible on the day-to-day level by support from many people from all walks of life.

Photos of Panasonic around the world, including many foundations and scholarship programs to promote education, foster global leaders, advance science and technology, and coexist with the natural environment

Since its establishment in 1983, this foundation has been awarding the international Japan Prize to individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to the peace and prosperity of humankind by producing original and dramatic results in a scientific or technical field that significantly advance the field as a whole.”
Panasonic's founder Konosuke Matsushita devoted himself to establishing this foundation and served as its first chairman, and Panasonic has continued to support it to this day.

Established as the Matsushita Audiovisual Education Research Institute in 1973 with the primary goal of developing and promoting audiovisual education, the Panasonic Education Foundation now uses promotion and research projects to solve issues faced most directly on the front lines of primary and secondary education and the foundation operates with the purpose of nurturing both the creativity and rich humanity for the future in the children of the coming generations through these projects and activities.

The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation and The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management were combined to form this foundation in 2019 to support the leaders of tomorrow through self-directed, experience-based/practical learning, as well as through financial support and awards for international research projects.

In 1968, 100 years after the Meiji Restoration, Konosuke Matsushita (the foundation's first chairman) called on business leaders to raise funds to repair and restore the Ryozen area in Kyoto's Higashiyama area including the resting places of and memorials to leaders of the Meiji Restoration, which had fallen into disrepair by that time. This led to the establishment of the Ryozen Foundation that same year (originally founded as an incorporated foundation, the foundation was transitioned to a public interest incorporated foundation structure as of June 2012). In addition to the upkeep and maintenance of the historical environment of the Ryozen, the foundation also awards the spirit and achievement of the pathfinders who laid the foundations of modern Japan, and since 1970 has been operating the Ryozen Museum of History, which focuses on the Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration and is charged with passing on that same spirit to the next generations that will lead Japan into the future.

Created to celebrate Panasonic’s 80th anniversary in 1998, the Panasonic Scholarship program was replaced by a new program called Panasonic Scholarship Asia. This scholarship program is a locally oriented, next-generation education support system created with the purpose of providing financial support to students at universities in countries and regions across Asia, thereby supporting the education of people who will in turn contribute to further development in Asia.