Panasonic Group Corporate Citizenship Activities

At the Panasonic Group,
each and every one of our employees is committed to social contribution,
directly dealing with social issues
in ways that are different from our manufacturing and other core businesses.

These "activities as corporate citizens," which have continued for more than 50 years,
have been passed on from person to person within the Panasonic Group,
keeping up to date activity themes according to the times.

Focal themes of our corporate citizenship activities Focal themes of our corporate citizenship activities

As members of society, we work alongside people helping make their lives a little richer and more peaceful.
In doing this, we help create a brighter future for the world in the best ways that we can.
As we work toward achieving "Sustainable and inclusive society"
where everyone can live a vibrant life more freely, we carry out a range of
"corporate citizenship activities" as we focus on our three priority
themes of "Ending Poverty," "Environmental Activities,"
and "Human Development (Learning Support)."

Activity Topics Activity Topics

Project to help create a brighter future in non-electrified areas

Ending Poverty Ending Poverty
Environmental Activities Environmental Activities

A program that enhances creativity and communication skills, and fosters teamwork through video production

Human Development Human Development

Panasonic's local companies in Asia provide scholarships to students in those countries/regions in order to go on to university.

Ending Poverty Ending Poverty
Human Development Human Development

Activities with this badge are designated for the general public to also participate in. Please see each activity page for details.

You can participate too!

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