Human Development (Learning Support)

Learning support for children
Scholarships for students in Asia
Places for employees to learn and practice

Through the succession from the company’s founder, Konosuke Matsushita’s concept of "making people before making things," we have been carrying out activities to support the desire to learn of the people who will lead the next generations. We continue to provide a place for learning and practice, valuing the perspectives of "DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)" in which each person accepts and utilizes each other's individuality.

Initiative overview Initiative overview

A program that enhances creativity and communication skills, and fosters teamwork through video production

Panasonic's local companies in Asia provide scholarships to students in those countries/regions in order to go on to university.

*Japanese Only

A career education program that allows people to work in a wide variety of roles and think about their own "ways"

Providing content and learning programs for children who will lead the 21st century to learn by themselves while acquiring the power they need to live

*Japanese Only

Workshops designed for employees after work inviting various outside guest lecturers helping in solving social issues

*Japanese Only

A volunteer program in which employees support the strengthening of the business development capabilities of NPOs/NGOs by utilizing their business skills

AkeruE (AkeruE / Tokyo)
A museum that gives shape to "inspiration" - Panasonic Creative Museum AkeruE

*Japanese Only

A program to support the strengthening of the organizational foundation of NPOs/NGOs aiming to create a society in which children can grow up healthy

*Japanese Only

Career education program aiming to develop "21st century skills" utilizing educational resources as a worldwide partner

Activities with this badge are designated for the public to participate and experience.

Activities with this badge are designated
for the public to participate and experience.