Report on the KWN Global Summit 2022   Connecting Kids,Building a Better Tomorrow

KWN Global Summit 2022 — held online for the third time — was conducted with the participation of six countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Vietnam. Presentations and awards for the Primary category (elementary schools) and the Secondary category (junior high schools and high schools) were held together, leading to a lively and enjoyable time of international exchanges.

▼[2022] Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Summit 2022【NEW】

2022 Award-Winning Productions and Schools

KWN Kids Award

Primary category  
“Wish dad stop smoking”

flag Vietnam Vietnam

▶︎Dich Vong Hau Secondary school

Secondary category  
“My parents are different”

flag Brazil Brazil

▶︎School of Thinking

Panasonic Award

Primary category

flag Indonesia Indonesia

▶︎Sumbangsih Duren Bangka Elementary School, Southern Jakarta

KWN Fans Award

Primary category  
“Wish dad stop smoking”

flag Vietnam Vietnam

▶︎Dich Vong Hau Secondary school

Secondary category 
“Déjà Vu”

flag Vietnam Vietnam

▶︎Tien Duong secondary school / Kim No secondary school / Duc Tu secondary school / Lien Ha high school


After a brief explanation of the KWN from MC Sascha, all the online participants from the six countries smiled and greeted everyone with “Hello!” “Good Evening!” “Good Morning!” This was followed by opening remarks from the organizers.


Each participating country introduced itself for the icebreakers at the 2021 Summit. But this year, the icebreakers consisted of each country researching one of the other participating countries (decided in advance) and introducing the other country with a slideshow. By researching and introducing another country, students became familiar with the other country and further deepened their interest in it.

Drone Video Workshops

As an assignment prior to the Summit, workshops were held where kids learned the appeal and possibilities of videos taken from drones. After studying the programming controls and basics of drone flight, kids from the participating countries produced videos of themselves taken from a drone camera and sent the videos to the Secretariat in Japan. The Secretariat edited the videos into one video and presented it during the Summit. The video taken of everyone joining hands and going around in a circle transitioned at the end into the SDGs symbol. In this way, the videos were transformed into an image of everyone working together to achieve the SDGs. We hope everyone can make use of what they learned in the drone video production workshops in their future productions.


Each country presented their SDGs action plan for 2023.

The Brazilian students presented the importance of responsible consumption through recycling and reuse. The Indonesian students chose the theme of “blue skies, green Earth” and with a short video announced they will act to conserve energy and water and dispose of garbage in designated locations.

The Japanese students’ presentation covered the importance of recycling and reusing clothing, given the huge amounts of clothing that are currently just thrown away, and the importance of taking good care of things to both reduce waste and cut CO2 emissions. The Japanese students pledged to communicate the significance of these actions to more people and to conserve energy in all kinds of situations.

Honey , the student representative from the United Arab Emirates, presented the awareness-raising activities under the United Arab Emirates’ Energy Strategy 2050, which includes the world’s largest solar power generation plant. The students from the United States announced the formation of a volunteer group to tackle pollution and to raise awareness among many people of the negative effects of pollution through their own videos as well as to raise awareness of sustainable water use. The Vietnamese students announced that they would try to act outside of traditional gender roles and place value on actions that support physical and mental health.

After each well-considered presentation, students from the other countries commented on the presentation and shared various SDGs action plans.

Awards Presentation

The award presentations began against a gorgeous theater backdrop. Three awards were presented at the Summit.

The first award presented, the Panasonic Award, was selected by votes collected from Panasonic employees. This was the first time the award was presented. The winner was the “THE EARTH IS GETTING HOTTER”, Indonesia’s video entry in Primary category.

The next award presentation was the KWN Fans Award, selected based on online votes by people from around the world. The Primary category winner was Vietnam’s “Wish dad stop smoking” and the Secondary category winner was Vietnam’s “Déjà Vu”.

The winners received a trophy and a LUMIX mirrorless SLR camera as a supplementary prize. All the winners were surprised and delighted to receive the awards.


The atmosphere was friendly and harmonious as MC Sascha asked the participants questions such as, “Which video production did you like?” and “What are your impressions of participating in the Summit?” To close the Summit, Kevin from Vietnam gave a message as the representative of all six countries.

In his closing message, Kevin said: “Through watching the videos from the other participating countries and having discussions, I realized that we all have the same dreams. Let’s work together to achieve the SDGs through small daily actions.” With this call to action, the KWN Global Summit 2022 came to a successful conclusion.