Students and children from schools selected for their outstanding work from around the world attend and engage in cross-country exchanges among themselves. This event is held once a year through a live online session. Due to time differences, it takes place in the morning in some countries, while in others it may occur in the afternoon, evening, or night.

The children greet each other, discuss the SDGs, and deepen international exchanges. Additionally, three awards for various categories are announced to commend each other's commendable efforts.

Participants from each country gather at one location, not only to attend the summit but also to interact with each other through workshops and events. This fosters an exchange of ideas among participating schools and allows for the management of activities to be led by each country.

KWN Kids Award

“KWN Kids Award” voted for by the children participating in the Summit

Panasonic Award

“Panasonic Award” selected through a vote by Panasonic employees

KWN Fans Award

“KWN Fans Award” selected by an online vote in which anyone can participate worldwide

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