The World Through Their EYES

Through the Kid Witness News program, Panasonic continues to help cultivate children's awareness of social issues. The concept for these activities is "The World Through Their Eyes." The program seeks to sharpen the EYES through which Kid Journalists view their society. Children all over the world give a message to the world though their video production. In this documentary, Panasonic focuses on what goes on behind the scenes to show why and how kids create videos about global social issues.

The World Through Their EYES

[ Concept movie ] "The World Through Their Eyes"

Concept movie "The World Through Their Eyes"
Hanover / Germany
Don't Discriminate Each Other

Having opened the door to many refugees since 2015, Germany has faced a variety of problems, such as discrimination based on cultural differences. However, kids found that sports could be a shortcut to friendship.

Hanoi / Vietnam
Respecting Individuality

Secondary school students expressed that kids are more independent and confident by finding their own path, overcoming the united form of education in Vietnam. Primary school students found that there are more important things than toys. Producing these videos has helped the kids to grow wiser.

Ofunato / Japan
For the Future

In March 2011, Japan's northeast region suffered massive damage from a tsunami following a major earthquake. Panasonic held a restoration assistance program aimed at bringing children's smiles using a KWN workshop. Students expressed their "Words of Appreciation" and "Restoration Memories," through videos.

San Paulo / Brazil
Race & Social Gap
Music Unites People

Brazil faces many social problems, including disparity in wealth, education, and ethnic groups. But, music has provided barrier-free communication, binding people together. While shooting a video, KWN members also united with their friends and experienced a growing opportunity.

Dubai / UAE
PTSD & War
Open Your Heart

KWN members from UAE, took up the theme of PTSD damage caused by war. Living in a multiracial nation, they overcame various differences in religion and ways of thinking to join with their friends in producing a video. In terms of PTSD as well, they lead with phrases such as "Open your heart," and "Sympathy for others."

Prague / Czech Republic & Slovakia
Across the Borders

Students of Czech Republic and Slovakia in primary school joined together in Prague to take part in a video production workshop. This led to friendships across the borders. Then, Czech students from a secondary school, interviewed the girl's ice hockey team. Through a video production, they express "Sports support your dream."

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