KWN Global SUMMIT 2022

Right now the world is looking for peace and cooperation to resolve wide-ranging problems. It is becoming more and more important that people from countries all over the world learn about each other and join hands. Like last year’s event, the KWN Global Summit 2022 was held online with participants from excellent schools in various countries. The winning entries for each category were announced. Read the full press release here.

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KWN Global Summit 2022 Live on YouTube・Facebook!

This year's KWN Global Summit will be joined from Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam via remote online broadcasts live from Tokyo.

KWN Global Summit 2022 is set to be held from 9:00 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. (JST) on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022!

The event will be livestreamed from the Tokyo venue, with participants in the US, the UAE, Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam connected online. Children from countries all around the world will be joining in at the same time through the Internet, despite their different locations. New discoveries and resolutions will be created through exchanges in real-time communication between the participating countries. Get ready to enjoy a Global Summit produced by Panasonic and the participants!

Time and date: 9:00 p.m.- 10:40 p.m. (JST) on Saturday, December 3, 2022 
Participating countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam

Activity Overview

Participating countries research and introduce other countries

Participating countries will research other participating countries in advance and introduce them with slides. Introducing other countries will lead to greater understanding of the other countries and provide the impetus for deeper exchanges. The participating countries that are introduced will also introduce themselves with additional information.

Adoption of KWN Global Summit SDGs joint declaration

An action plan for the SDGs in 2023 will be presented by each country and an exchange of opinions will take place. These plans will then be compiled and a joint declaration will be adopted. The aim is for participating members to positively put these plans into action as leaders in their own countries.

Drone-based video workshop (task to be carried out in advance)

This workshop will be held in advance for participants to learn about the appeal and potential of drone-based video. The aim is to learn the basics of programming and how to program piloting, expand the range of visual expression, and produce more creative videos. The videos that were shot will be introduced during summit.

【Announcement of award-winning schools】

Three awards will be announced at this Summit to celebrate particularly excellent
works from among the leading works of each country and region.

Kids  Award

1. “KWN Kids Award” voted for by the children participating in the Summit
< One work in the Primary Category and one work in the Secondary Category >

Panasonic  Award

2. “Panasonic Award” selected through a vote by Panasonic employees
< One work in both categories >

Fans  Award

3. “KWN Fans Award” selected by an online vote in which anyone can
  participate worldwide
< One work in the Primary Category and one work in the Secondary Category >

Entry Video/Announcement of the Awards

— Primary Category —

flag Brazil Brazil

The quarantine impact on education

▶︎Notre Dame

The video addresses the problems caused by the pandemic, interviewing teachers and students.

flag Indonesia Indonesia


▶︎Sumbangsih Duren Bangka Elementary School, Southern Jakarta

The earth is getting hotter. What can we do to make the earth a better place? Let's think about the importance of planting trees for a better life on earth. No matter how small the effort we make, if we do it together, the effect will be big.

flag Japan Japan

PRESENT -An artisanal relay connecting us to the future-

▶︎Morimura Gakuen Elementary School

The students who focus on scarf-making having a history of more than 100 years rethink the crisis of traditional crafts through interviews with artisans and hands-on experience with the craft. Using eco-friendly and sustainable products not only reduces clothing waste, but also connects our history to future generations.

flag USA USA

A Future with Plastic...

▶︎Yendor Theater company

this is a film about how we need to think of plastic. In film there is a mutant from future who try to break/crash world by using plastic trash. To beat this mutant we need to clean up of plastic. If we trash plastic that will pollute world and even we are living longer there is no reason to live at polluted.

flag Vietnam Vietnam

Wish dad stop smoking

▶︎Dich Vong Hau Secondary school

Smoking is harmful for health, not only smokers but also non-smokers, and environment as well.
A boy having a father smoking a lot badly coughs under the influence of cigarette smoke. His father is also badly sick and has lung-treatment in hospital because of smoking. For having a happy and healthy life, let's review the effects of smoking.

circle KWN

— Secondary Category —

flag Brazil Brazil

My parents are different

▶︎School of Thinking

The video tells about a boy's perspective towards the education in his life, at his home and his school.

flag Indonesia Indonesia

Trash Disposal Etiquette

▶︎36th Junior High School, Cipinang Cempedak of Eastern Jakarta

Let's think about the positive impact on the environment by concerning in dealing with waste! A girl who doesn't care about cleanliness thinks that the cleaning up trash is the duty of the janitor, and is not tolerant of her friends who clean the classroom. One day, she fell asleep in the classroom and had a bad dream. What turned agaist her in her dream?

flag Japan Japan

When you wish upon an umbrella

▶︎Katsushika ward Kanamachi junior high school

Many of the umbrellas left at school are plastic umbrellas. Is it because they are fragile and not treated with care? When we conducted a durability test by swinging an umbrella around, we found that it instantly detached from its panels. Painting on umbrellas is a good idea to take good care of them, but it does not solve the durability problem… We will continue to think about this problem.

flag Japan Japan

I am Me.

▶︎Miyazaki Nihon University Senior High School

In the Broadcasting Club, where there are many female students, not a few members have actually been told by their parents in their childhood, "You are a girl, so be quiet" or "You don't have to go to a good collage." In Japan, there has always been a mindset that men should go to work and women should take care of the home, and although there are some female politicians today, they are still only a few. We would like to achieve gender free listed in the SDGs to make the world a place where women and men can do what they like and what they want to do with pride.

flag USA USA


▶︎Bridgebuilder Cinematic Arts

In this film tells about how our ocean support our life and so as all of living in earth. By saving ocean we support not only humans, also support for better life to all species on earth.

flag Vietnam Vietnam

Déjà Vu

▶︎Tien Duong secondary school / Kim No secondary school / Duc Tu secondary school / Lien Ha high school

While the environment gives us countless benefits, environmental pollution is an alarming issue of the 21st century. A schoolboy who lacks a sense of environmental protection has a bad habit - throwing trash around even in his dream. One day, because of this habit, he had a nightmare that he fell into an endless loop of empty cans that he had thrown away appearing everywhere he went. For the world's environmental pollution, everyone should take care of the environment to protect our planet.