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“What we want to convey now”

Let's work on creating works with the theme of "SDGs" in mind!

about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. They present 17 goals that address the challenges our world faces, aiming to solve them by 2030 through global cooperation. It's important to consider what we can do, how far current efforts have reached, and to work together with your family, teachers, friends, and those in your community to make progress.


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    Primary Category(Ages 10-12)
    Secondary Category(Ages 13-18)


video work

3 to 5 minutes

Participating countries

Precautions and Handling of Video Works

The highest grade among the participating members will be used to register for the division.

(e.g.) In the case of a mixed team of elementary and junior high school students → “Junior High School Division”.

Multiple teams are allowed per school, but the same person may not belong to more than one team.
*The work must not have been previously entered in other competitions or contests.
*One work per team must be submitted.
*Each team must understand copyright and portrait rights when creating their film.

The following is how we will handle your submitted video work

  1. The copyright of the submitted works belongs to Panasonic Holdings Co.
  2. Photos and videos will be posted on the Panasonic Holdings website and corporate website.
  3. Publication on “Channel Panasonic” and “KWN Channel” on YouTube.
  4. Use of the photos and videos in advertisements and various media of Panasonic Holdings Co.
  5. Photo and video coverage in various media outlets (use of photos and videos in newspapers and on TV)

Copyrights and Portrait Rights

  1. Faces and other parts of the filmed image may not be shown in the video without the permission of the filmmaker (portrait rights).
  2. If music is to be added to the video, it is necessary to obtain permission from the copyright holder for the use of copyrighted music.
    (Please confirm in advance whether there are any restrictions on the use of music.)
  3. Please note that a separate royalty fee may be incurred when obtaining permission for the use of music.
  4. It is recommended that you use copyright-free music with no restrictions on use.

Criteria for evaluation






Whether the work is appropriate for Kids’Journalists.


Whesther the work has social,reginal,or originality in its thematic setting.


Easy to understand the story and accurate in content.



Level of graphic skill in shooting,compositon,exposure,camera work.

About Recording

Recording techniques for narration,interviews,field sounds.


Skills in editing work, visual effects,sound effects,and other editing echniques, and ingenuity in the production of the work.


Impression of the work

Presence or absence of message.

Eforts of Kids

Passion for children’s artwork during the process.

Vision to see Global
Vision to see Issues
Vision to see Future
Vision to Transmit

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