What is Kid Witness News?

Support is provided for activities to schools wishing to participate, and children take the lead in producing films based on the theme of the SDGs.
After the best productions are selected in each country, a global contest is held. Awards are given at the Global Summit.


Contributing to educational support and growth for children around the world through KWN video production activities


KWN Initiatives

Benefits of taking part

1 Improved skills

2 International exchange

3 Fostering a journalist’s perspective

4 Global communication (SNS/websites)

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2 2

Global Summit

The Global Summit is attended by school pupils and children from around the world whose productions have been selected as outstanding. International exchange is encouraged by hosting the event live online. We discuss the SDGs, announce three awards in each category, and celebrate each other’s successes.

Global mini-exchanges

In a more relaxed atmosphere than the tension of the Global Summit, online exchange meetings are held between KWN participating schools. We promote international exchange by sharing the following perspectives: “The difficulties I faced in producing my KWN video” and “Questions about each other’s countries”.

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Vision to see Global
Vision to see Issues
Vision to see Future
Vision to Transmit
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Video production

  • The theme is the “SDGs”
    Producing a video entitled “What I want to tell people”
  • Aim to produce videos with a length of no more than 3-5 minutes.


  • We hold workshops on how to use equipment and make images to meet participants’ requests.

Participate to the Global Summit

  • Outstanding video productions selected in each country can represent their country at the annual Global Summit.


  • The outstanding videos and Global Summit are shown on the website, Facebook and YouTube.

Introduction to global activities

34 years of kid journalists in action

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