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What are people doing to stop air pollution?

Let’s think about what would happen to the Earth if it were surrounded by a polluted atmosphere. One worry is destruction of the Earth’s environments due to air pollution.

Makers of cars are working to reduce the polluting substances cars produce. They are making engines that run cleaner and adding equipment that cleans exhaust gases. People are also researching electric cars that don’t put out any exhaust gases. It’ll probably take a little longer until electric cars are in wide use. One area people are focusing on now are hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are powered by an engine and an electric motor. As a result, they produce very little carbon dioxide.

Researchers are also studying new kinds of energy that don’t pollute the atmosphere. Thermal power stations, which have been widely used, produce carbon dioxide because they burn oil, coal, or natural gas. People are looking forward to kinds of energy that are friendly to the environment. These include wind turbines that use wind power, solar power that uses sunlight, and geothermal power that uses the heat of magma underground.