Support for Every Individual: LGBTQ

Photo: Flag with a colorful design, featuring blue, green, yellow, red, and other colors. Photo: Flag with a colorful design, featuring blue, green, yellow, red, and other colors.

*LGBTQ, a general term for sexual minorities, is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning.

Code of Ethics & Compliance

In the Panasonic Group Code of Ethics & Compliance, we clearly state that we do not permit discriminatory speech or conduct with regard to sexual orientation or gender identity, as defined by the applicable laws in the respective countries.

Internal initiatives

Recognition under the Panasonic Group’s HR systems

Effective April 2016, the Panasonic Group now recognizes same-sex domestic partners as equivalent to legal spouses within its HR systems (except in areas where such recognition cannot be applied due to legal restrictions), thereby granting equal entitlement to such things as congratulatory and condolence leave, childcare and nursing care support, and single-person relocation allowances.

*Affiliates both within and outside of Japan are addressing this matter on an individual basis, subject to the condition of compliance with applicable local laws.

Creating support desks

The Panasonic Group has created support desks through which employees can engage in email or telephone consultations about any internal company topic, including cases of sexual harassment or abuse of authority (employees can use these support desks anonymously).

Internal seminars to promote understanding

In order to promote understanding of LGBTQ persons and to create a comfortable workplace for LGBTQ employees, we have been holding seminars targeting HR functional divisions, managers, and employees since February 2016. In addition to basic knowledge regarding LGBTQ persons, this HR training seeks to inform employees on how to deal with discriminatory language and behavior, as well as methods for responding to the needs of those involved.

Disseminating information internally

Information is also available via the company intranet to promote understanding of LGBTQ persons and to encourage participation in events that support LGBTQ employees.

Image: Screen capture from "Let’s think about DEI together!" on the intranet

Internal networks

Within the Panasonic Group, we are working to increase the number of people who understand our slogan, LGBT ALLY Panasonic. Ally in this case refers to someone who actively supports and helps out LGBTQ persons. Some LGBTQ persons feel that they are unable to talk to anyone about the difficulties they face in the workplace, and therefore experience hardships a day-to-day basis. By having coworkers and supervisors express their willingness to be allies, LGBTQ persons are able to discuss their concerns and reduce stress by making it easier for them to be who they are.

*Because laws, regulations, and customs differ from country to country, we undertake these initiatives on the assumption of compliance with the laws and regulations of each country, and take appropriate consideration of the respective cultures and customs in our response.

Image: Logo bearing the slogan LGBT ALLY Panasonic

Activities of internal communities

Panasonic Rainbow Network (PRN) is an internal community for LGBTQ persons and their allies. PRN is working to inform as many employees as possible that there may be LGBTQ persons on the same team as them.

Image: Panasonic Rainbow Network (PRN) logo

Initiatives that the Panasonic Group endorses

This part focuses on initiatives in the Japan region.

Involvement in work with Pride

Since FY2015, we have been involved in work with Pride, a voluntary organization that works to create a comfortable workplace regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Every year, we join this organization in participating in Tokyo Rainbow Week and in holding events.

*Definition of terms used on this section:
- Fiscal year: from April 1 to March 31 of the following year (e.g. Fiscal 2021: April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021)

Image: work with Pride logo

Received the PRIDE Index Gold Award for eight consecutive years

In the PRIDE Index, the first index in Japan to evaluate the efforts of companies and other organizations toward sexual minorities, established by work with Pride, we have received the highest-ranked Gold Award for eight consecutive years from 2016 to 2023.

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Image: work with Pride Gold 2023 logo

Endorsement of EqualityActJapan

In 2021, we expressed our support for EqualityActJapan, a petition-based movement for the enactment of an LGBT Equality Act in Japan.

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Image: Logo for EqualityActJapan. #EqualityActJapan "It’s time for an Equality Act"

Sponsorship of Tokyo Rainbow Pride

We are one of the sponsors of Tokyo Rainbow Pride, an event to promote greater awareness in society of LGBTQ and other sexual minorities and celebrate diversity.