Promoting Corporate-wide Environmental Sustainability Management Centering on PDCA

Striving for the creation of a sustainable society, we are following our initiative under the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) (Tatsuo Ogawa Executive Officer, as of April 2021) and working to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through eco-conscious business activities as well as resolve environmental issues such as climate change, resources, water, etc. through our products and services. The Panasonic Group formulates its annual environmental management policy in accordance with the Group management policy, Environment Vision 2050, Environmental Action Guidelines, and the environmental action plan (Green Plan). The annual environmental policy is shared across the entire organization through the Operation Policy Meeting led by the CTO, whose authority is delegated by the president.

Companies and business divisions establish their own environmental policies and targets based on this Group policy, and plan and promote their activities accordingly.

The progress and results of activities for the key environmental targets we pledged to society to achieve under the Green Plan 2021, as well as Environment Vision 2050, are examined in the Group Strategy Meeting. Matters of special importance are deliberated on by the Board of Directors Meeting. The Board discussed the current state of progress and issues in achieving our Environment Vision 2050 in the Meeting held in March 2021.

In fiscal 2017, the Environmental Compliance Administrators Meeting (held twice a year) attended by the executive officer in charge of environmental affairs and environmental compliance administrators at the Companies was newly established to accelerate decision-making for corporate-wide action in the area of the environment. In addition, as has been the way until now, successful practices, challenges in implementation, and approaches to mid-term to long-term targets at Companies and various regions are shared and discussed at the Global Environmental Working Committee Meeting, held twice a year, which consists of environmental compliance administrators and environmental operation administrators at Companies and Regional Headquarters, seeking to enhance the level of corporate-wide environmental sustainability management through the PDCA management cycle.

In principle, results of activities relevant to environmental targets are gathered and assessed on a monthly basis as environmental performance data, to identify the achievements, and additional measures are taken as needed. Feedback of annual performance data is given internally and disclosed externally after review, onsite audits, and independent assurance by a third-party. Moreover, reviews and feedback from stakeholders are utilized in subsequent measures to ensure further continuous improvement.

Promotion System for Environmental Sustainability Management

To implement key measures across the entire company, theme-specific committees and working groups are formed to set a promotional structure that enables coordinated action across Companies, related job functions, and Regional Headquarters outside Japan. Specific examples include the Product Chemical Substance Management Committee which deliberates and ensures the implementation of chemical substance management guidelines, and the Product Environmental Law Working Group which engages in information sharing regarding environmental laws and regulations for products and reviews the actions to be taken.

Promotion System of Environmental Sustainability Management in Fiscal 2022