Environment: Global Warming Adaptation

Global Warming Adaptation

Coastal tsunami monitoring system in Higashi Matsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture
Coastal Tsunami Monitoring System Configuration

Panasonic is also making efforts for adaptation to address unavoidable impacts on the global environment that cannot be addressed by mitigation measures. Such adaptation is based on the matters indicated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) etc., focusing on the impact of climate change on the ecosystem, society, and the economy.
Further, we understand that it is important for the measures to take account of regional feature, as impacts of climate change vary according to the region. Our measures are currently implemented from the viewpoints of the following two aspects:
(1) Activities to reduce the impact of climate change through our products, services, and solutions; and
(2) Activities to reduce the impact on our corporate activities

Specific examples of (1) include the coastal monitoring system and the Green AC.
Panasonic has developed the coastal monitoring system that sources power independently. This system always operates wireless network cameras and wireless transmission devices by photovoltaic power generation modules and storage batteries. It would contribute to preparing for high tides that are expected to increase due to climate change.
As for the Green AC, we commercialized it for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, etc. The ultra-fine dry mist, which is made fine by mixing water and air to make it hard to feel wet, and the air curtain, which creates a dome-shaped cooling space under the sunshade, reduce the summer heat of the open space. Since the mist evaporative cooling system can demonstrate a cooling capacity that exceeds the amount of heat exhausted from the equipment, it is gentle to the global environment and provides efficient cooling that cools space and directly deprives people of their body temperature. In addition, the Green AC Flex, which can be constructed with flexible plastic piping to connect the sprayer to each mist nozzle, can be retrofitted to existing structures and can be designed to be integrated with benches and public monuments. The launch of the large-capacity 200 volt single-phase model is possible to form cool spots efficiently even in large-scale outdoor spaces such as stadiums and roads. It is expected to reduce the negative impact of global warming such as heat stroke on people's lives.

As for (2), the first priority is to identify the issues to be addressed by assessing the impact of climate change on Panasonic. One such issue is the effect of water shortages on our production activities. Panasonic completed all water risk assessments for its production sites in fiscal 2018. As of now, we have not identify any visible water risk that may affect its business activities. For further details, please see Water Resource Conservation.

Green Green AC Flex (the large-capacity model) Mist Generating System
Nozzle unit
Installation image (Café)
Installation image (Rest Area)
Installation image (Stadium)