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Promoting Environmental Communication

Panasonic has been focusing on maintaining close communications with stakeholders. We are actively engaged in environmental communication with our customers, business partners, local communities, governments, investors, employees, NGOs, experts, etc., through a variety of perspectives, including products and services, factories, and cooperation in environmental activities, as well as advertising, exhibitions, and website communication.
And at the same time, we utilize stakeholder’s opinions to further improve our environmental management.

Participation in initiatives

Panasonic has joined "Race To Zero"*, which committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. We are accelerating our efforts to achieve the goal of 1.5°C, which was globally declared at COP26.

Proposals on Environmental Policy

In addition to publicity through Keidanren (Japanese Business Federation) and other industrial organizations, we submit environmental policy proposals not only to the Japanese government but also to governments of other countries through a wide range of opportunities. We joined in policy deliberations on environmental issues that the society is facing today: a future vision for national governments, industry, and people's lives aimed at the creation of a sustainable society, and information sharing and exchange related to international activities. Through this approach we established a deeper understanding of government policy. Based on this, we are engaging in a drive to promote environmental management with an awareness of preventing business risks as well as creating opportunities, through actively presenting proposals from the standpoint of manufacturing, marketing, and technology development.

Communication with Assessment Bodies and Investors

Panasonic has been engaged in constant communication with domestic and international assessment bodies and investors in order to inform them of our contribution to the environment and deepen their understanding of it. Among our contributions, great attentions have been paid especially to progress to realize the environment vision; our initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our products across their entire life cycle; and our medium and long term environmental vision.

We will continue to engage in such communication.

Engagement with Third Parties

Panasonic actively conducts a number of dialogues with experts from both within and outside Japan, and utilizes their comments in its environmental strategies.

With the Natural Step, in particular, we have built a partnership since 2001. We hold meetings with them to share the most advanced environmental information in Europe and seek their opinions on our environmental strategies and activities to assist us in further improvements.

Communicating through Showrooms and Exhibitions

Panasonic have a range of exhibits across inside and outside to present its environmental sustainability management and its eco-conscious products and services, as well as to receive voices and requests directly from its customers.

At Panasonic Center Tokyo, one of our corporate global communications hub, we present actual initiatives and solutions to realize our brand slogan 'A Better Life, A Better World'. The SDGs exhibition area displays essential information about the SDGs and the many ways in which Panasonic is contributing to the attainment of sustainable societies.

In addition, we also introduce our initiatives at online exhibitions and seminars. In November 2020, we participated in EcoPro Online 2020, which was held online for the first time. Many participants watched our initiatives related to energy and resources toward the realization of Panasonic Environmental Vision 2050 through videos, photos, and distribution seminars.

Participation in Major Exhibitions for Fiscal 2021

Exhibition Venue Period
Lighting Fair Online, Japan Tokyo Mar. 2021
CES 2021 Panasonic in Tokyo Online Jan. 2021
CES 2021 Online Jan. 2021
EcoPro Online 2020 Online Nov. 2020
Panasonic SDGs Seminar
"Initiative for carbon neutral"
Online Nov. 2020
Panasonic SDGs Seminar
"Challenge to local energy production and consumption in Miyakojima island"
Online Nov. 2020
Panasonic SDGs Seminar
"Sustainable future life from a circular economy perspective"
Online Oct. 2020

Publishing Environmental Information

Panasonic has been publishing its environmental reports since 1997. In fiscal 2014, we integrated the webpage for our environmental activities with that of for our CSR activities in order to publish comprehensive information in relation to sustainability. From fiscal 2016, among information published on our website, topics of great interest to our stakeholders, such as our environmental policy, approach, and performance data, are also provided in a Sustainability Data Book.

To increase further awareness on our Environmental Vision and environmental activities for CO2 reduction, resources recycling, water conservation, chemical substances, and biodiversity among customers worldwide, we are offering summary information on our activities on Panasonic websites in 59 countries (in 35 languages). In the area of chemical substances, for example, activities involving the entire supply chain to control certain chemical substances hazardous to the human health and the environment are presented in an easy-to-understand style.

For information on specified chemical substances in products regulated by the Act on the Promotion of the Effective Utilization of Resources, please refer to “Information on the Content of Certain Chemical Substances in Covered Products” below. We do not manufacture, import, or sell products that contain certain chemical substances beyond specified standards, other than in exempted parts.

In addition, we have established a new webpage, Information Based on the Act on Preventing Environmental Pollution of Mercury, in May 2017 to communicate information concerning the mercury used in our products to customers.

Example of the management of chemical substances