Dialogue. Discovery. Appreciating Differences. DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION – DEI Dialogue. Discovery. Appreciating Differences. DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION – DEI

The term "each person" here refers to each and every one of our employees, a diverse group of individuals who are not limited by gender, gender identity, or any other attribute. The Panasonic Group promotes a variety of initiatives so that each of our employees can continue to demonstrate their individuality and take on new challenges. To find out more, please see Support for Every Individual: Diverse Work Styles and Work-Life Balance.

What is Our Vision for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)?

Every individual who accepts challenges aspires to live up to the following:

  • Diversity: Embracing and respecting the individuality of each person who accepts challenges and finding value in individual differences
  • Equity: Seeking fairness in providing opportunities for every individual
  • Inclusion: The potential for each person who accepts challenges to exercise their characteristics as parts of the organization.

The Panasonic Group DEI policy aims to describe and communicate to all the stakeholders our definition, mission and vision of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the entire Panasonic Group.
In order to put our DEI policy into practice in light of the applicable laws and regulations in their respective countries and regions, each company of the Group will promote specific activities.

Top Management Commitment

Mission and Vision of DEI

Through our DEI initiatives, we declare that we will contribute to developing an ideal society, with both material affluence and mental happiness, and to the happiness of as many people as possible.

Commitment of the CEOs of Each Operating Company

In order to achieve the management that enables each employee to reach their full potential, operating company CEOs themselves are committed to promoting DEI and do so by incorporating it into business strategies.

Employee Opinion Survey

The Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is an annual survey of all global employees, with the most important indicators being the positive response rate for employee engagement (self-motivated endeavor) and employee enablement (the right person for the right job, comfortable working environment).

Initiatives Endorsed by the Panasonic Group

We have endorsed a number of outside initiatives, such as EqualityActJapan, Tokyo Rainbow Pride, the Recommendations of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), and 30% Club Japan.

Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Group DEI Forum

The Group DEI Forum is an event held with the aim of providing an opportunity for each and every one of us to increase our understanding of and identification with DEI, and to take action. In 2021, we held this forum over two days under the slogan, “Dialogue. Discovery. Appreciating Differences.”, and in 2022 with the aim of awareness that DEI is something that concerns us all, and that it is something we should all take seriously.

Unconscious Bias Training

Everyone has prejudices and stereotypes that they are not consciously aware of. By learning about their existence, we create a workplace culture where everyone can work comfortably and where every individual's diversity can be fully utilized.

A Better Dialogue

Through A Better Dialogue and workplace revitalization through DEI programs, employees engage in dialogue with their superiors and colleagues to make DEI their own personal goal. Also, voluntary community activities are taking place throughout the company, covering a variety of themes.

Dissemination of Information within the Group

The latest information on DEI, including examples of internal initiatives, case studies of other companies, and explanations of internal systems that can be utilized, is posted on the intranet site.

Employee Opinion Survey

We conduct an annual Employee Opinion Survey of all group employees. The results are fed back to workplaces each year and utilized for human resource and organizational development.

Global Initiatives

The Panasonic Group has established human resource development and evaluation systems, various training programs, and community activities in each of its global regions in response to the specific challenges they face.

Support for Every Individual

Diverse Work Styles and Work-Life Balance

Support for every person means helping each and every individual, with their diverse individualities, to face their challenges. We are working to help people achieve a healthy work-life balance by creating an environment and structure that allows them to choose diverse work styles to suit various scenarios in their lives.

People with Disabilities

Panasonic supports all employees, whether they have a disability or not, enabling them to express their individuality, take on new challenges, and thrive.

Employing Workers Post Retirement

We are entering an era in which people can expect to live up to 100 years and beyond. As such, the Panasonic Group is promoting measures to encourage each employee to map out their own career from an early stage, and to meet the diverse employment needs of older workers.


As part of our diversity efforts to respect and embrace individuality, we are working to deepen understanding of LGBTQ persons.

Gender Equity

The Panasonic Group has introduced the Role/Grade System, a compensation system in which there are no disparities based on gender, gender identity, or other individual attributes. We are also working to maintain the diversity of our managerial staff, ensuring that senior positions are filled by people from all walks of life.

For General Customers

The Panasonic Group's Universal Design Initiatives

To achieve a society where all can live together, where all can live fulfilling lives.
Disabilities, age, nationality, gender, values, lifestyles, work styles, family composition...
No two people are alike, which is what makes us all so special. With this recognition, the Panasonic Group aims to help create a society where everyone can shine in their own way by providing products and services that care for as many people as possible.

For Investors

Investor Relations

Here you can find information for Panasonic's investors. This includes information for individual investors, our management policies, financial information, stock information, and IR materials.

Sustainability Data Book

Panasonic publishes the Sustainability Data Book to introduce its initiatives toward society and the environment, as well as human resource development and the utilization of diverse human resources.

For Prospective Employees

Support for New Employees

From the outset, we provide new employees with learning opportunities and support programs related to DEI from various aspects, including onboarding, career development, evaluation, promotion, transfers, secondments, and other aspects.


Panasonic has an unyielding commitment to society. We offer gratifying careers to self-motivated and talented individuals with globally oriented backgrounds, and are recruiting the best and brightest candidates to join our worldwide team.