Our Approach to Sustainability Management

Panasonic’s Sustainability Management

The Panasonic Group’s mission is to realize an ideal society offering material and spiritual affluence. This stems from the notion of achieving prosperity both in matter and mind, which is the ideal state of society that our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, envisioned and pursued throughout his life. In 1932, Konosuke Matsushita defined 25 years as one phase and declared the company’s resolve to help realize an ideal society over 10 phases or 250 years. Since then, in pursuit of this mission, we have been dedicated to people’s well-being and material abundance and worked to solve social challenges by offering a wide variety of products to the world.

However, today’s society falls short of the ideal state that our founder aspired to. Many societies, especially those in developed nations, are replete with material goods. Nevertheless, we face various serious social issues, including rapidly worsening environmental destruction and depletion of natural resources, shifts in demographics such as worldwide population growth, and a declining birthrate and aging population in advanced countries. Therefore, there is great concern that our children and grandchildren, and our descendants, including those in 2181, the final year of the Group’s 250-year plan, may not be able to enjoy lives of affluence both in matter and mind.​

In order for us at Panasonic to continue contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society, we must ensure our continued existence as a company. Therefore, from the perspective of the effect on our finances as well as society, we have identified important opportunities and risks related to sustainability as priority issues (materiality). Based on this approach, we will work to enhance sustainability management both by creating new business opportunities and reducing risks.

The Panasonic Group has also defined the following two highest priorities as a Group-wide strategy. In order to accomplish the first task of contributing to solving global environmental issues, we have been promoting initiatives under Panasonic GREEN IMPACT, a long-term environmental vision established in the fiscal year that ended in March 2023. The second task involves helping our customers stay healthy, safe, and comfortable throughout their lives, for which we will demonstrate the Group’s collective strengths with the aim of becoming a Lifestyle Solutions Provider that can propose value tailored to each of its diverse customers.

The ideal society we at Panasonic pursue cannot be achieved through our efforts alone. We can realize it only through engagement with our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, and communities. As a public entity of society, the Panasonic Group believes that achieving growth and development alongside all stakeholders is the only way to reach this goal. This idea persists unchanged to this day, even as time has passed and society has progressed. In fact, we believe that this back-to-basics management approach will gain further significance as a multitude of global social issues worsen, and the international community strives to achieve a sustainable society through initiatives like the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The Panasonic Group will continue providing value to society and customers into the future through its business activities to help all stakeholders live their best, thereby enhancing the Group’s value.

Yuki Kusumi
Group CEO