Our Approach to Sustainability Management

Our mission is contributing to advances in world culture by improving society through the products we make and sell. Panasonic Group’s Basic Management Objective articulates the purposes of our business activities and our existence.​​

At Panasonic Group, we hold the idea that “the corporation is a public entity of society” as foundational. All corporate management resources—including the people, money, and commodities—come from society. Since companies engage in business using the resources society has entrusted to them, they must develop in step with society, and corporate activities must be transparent, fair, and just.​

The entire Panasonic Group meticulously ensures that our management and business activities are becoming of a “public entity of society.” We aim to build an ideal society with material and spiritual affluence through our business. Moreover, the Panasonic Group’s sustainability management means that we operate by our Basic Business Philosophy, the very core we need to achieve our mission. As we stand at historical turning points in many areas today—society, the economy, and the global environment—the Panasonic Group is committed to promoting sustainability management globally and contributing to the world’s future with suggestions for tomorrow’s lifestyles.​

Our mission statement:

Konosuke Matsushita "Practical Management Philosophy"

Published June 1978

"The definition of 'corporate social responsibility' may differ widely depending on the social situation at the time it is being defined, but there is a fundamental social responsibility that we all share, which is to contribute to the improvement of people's lives through our business activities.

It is of vital importance that all business activities are conducted with this mission statement in mind."


Konosuke Matsushita

Photo: Founder Konosuke Matsushita

Sustainability Policy

Founded upon our corporate philosophy, this is a summary of our company's social responsibilities and contributions to modern society.

As a public institution, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable future through our business activities in harmony with both society and the global environment.

1. Products, Services, and Solutions

We will work together with our customers and partners to create solutions and technologies to solve both social and environmental issues, improve people's lives around the world, and aim for a sustainable future for both the planet and the people who live on it.

2. Locations and Communities

We are a global company with operations around the world, and aim to provide all our employees who share our management philosophy with opportunities to engage in dialog with us, a comfortable work environment, and opportunities for growth.
We also respect diverse cultures and values, and aim to contribute to the development of the local communities by addressing local issues. ​

3. The Supply Chain

We aim to promote CSR procurement with our suppliers, taking into consideration the impact our business activities have on society and the environment. ​

4. Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

We aim to work with international organizations, governments, industrial bodies, civil societies, employees, customers, investors, NGOs, and experts to create a better society for all, and to provide leadership when advocating public policies and global industrial regulations. ​

5. Human Resource Development and Innovation

We aim to create a culture and mindset in which people from all walks of life can maximize their potential and make the most of working together.
We also strive to provide opportunities to encourage innovative solutions to global issues, as well as opportunities for our employees to take on the challenge of transforming society. ​

6. The Environment

We are committed to developing our business through the creation of environmental value, with the ultimate aim of creating a sustainable society.
To that end, we aim to promote solutions to environmental issues through our business activities and expand our environmental efforts by working with our customers.​