Support for Every Individual: People with Disabilities

Photo: Image of an employee using a wheelchair working at a desk Photo: Image of an employee using a wheelchair working at a desk

Panasonic supports all employees, whether they have a disability or not, enabling them to express their individuality, take on new challenges, and thrive.

This page focuses on initiatives in the Japan region.

Creating a workplace where people can take on challenges and thrive regardless of whether or not they have a disability

Assurance of information for employees who are deaf or hard of hearing

When employees who are deaf or hard of hearing participate in training, we provide a sign language interpreter or use voice recognition software to ensure that there is no impediment in exchanging information. UD Talk, a communication support and conversation visualization application, was introduced throughout the company in April 2020, and we have also prepared manuals and training content, which are now in use at more than 100 workplaces.

Image: Pictogram of UD Talk, a communication support and conversation visualization application
UD Talk, a communication support
and conversation visualization application

Barrier-free environment

We also promote working environment improvements such as floors without steps or dips, lighting that is sufficiently bright, and unassigned desk space in an open office format.

Photo: Image of an office with an open format, where an employee using a wheelchair and an employee in a chair are working together

Educational materials

Panasonic also develops educational materials to improve employees’ understanding about people with disabilities and to provide opportunities for further learning.

Image: Screen capture from the video Working with People with Disabilities: Basic Knowledge

Activities of internal communities

The Panasonic Group has a flourishing array of internal communities that are working to address a variety of issues. These include the Diversity & Network (D&N), an internal community that aims to create an organization where employees with disabilities can contribute actively and demonstrate their abilities, as well as Panasonic Deaf Association/Silent Lab, internal communities where people who can hear and those who cannot hear work together to think about creating a comfortable working environment and make changes. These communities exchange various information and engage in dialogue on a daily basis.

Image: Logos of Diversity & Network (D&N) and Panasonic Deaf Association/Silent Lab

Disability Work Support Hotline Established

The Panasonic Group established the Disability Work Support Hotline, which makes it possible for those with disabilities or anyone else, including their supervisors, colleagues, HR, and the people responsible for DEI promotion, to easily ask questions or seek advice. This hotline also enables the supervisors and coworkers of those with disabilities to consult individually about creating the kind of workplace environment where anyone can work without worry and be able to take on challenges.

Photo: Image of a consultation at the Disability Work Support Hotline

Employing more people with disabilities

As of June 2023, the total proportion of Group employees in Japan who have disabilities was 2.45%. Individual workplaces are working on initiatives in an effort to create workplaces where anyone can work in a way that works for them regardless of whether they have a disability or not, and we will continue in our efforts to promote independence and participation in the company on the part of people with disabilities.

*Definition of terms used on this section:
- Fiscal year: from April 1 to March 31 of the following year (e.g. Fiscal 2021: April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021)

Employment of people with disabilities (Japan region)

Figure: Line graph showing the employment rate of people with disabilities in the Japan region, which was 2.16% in FY 2015, 2.15% in FY 2016, 2.18% in FY 2017, 2.15% in FY 2018 and FY 2019, 2.20% in FY 2020, 2.33% in FY 2021, 2.40% in FY 2022,  2.41% in FY 2023, and 2.45% in FY 2024.

*Definition of terms used on this section:

  • Japan region: Refers to Panasonic Corporation and some of its affiliates in the Japan region up until March 2022.
  • Panasonic Corporation: Refers to Panasonic Corporation up until March 2022 (prior to the transition to an operating company system).

Cooperation with local communities and governments

Through cooperation with regional and local governments, the Panasonic Group has seven special subsidiaries and is actively working to hire individuals with severe disabilities. These special subsidiaries provide work environments that take into consideration the range of movement of wheelchair users, such as by setting components in a way that accommodates them, or by adjusting workbenches.

In addition, in order to promote understanding of people with disabilities and their employment, we offer work-study programs for junior and senior high school students, accept technical interns with disabilities, and conduct workplace tours.

Special Subsidiaries (as of June 1st, 2023)

Company Name

Year of Establishment

Number of Employees
(Number of Persons with Disabilities)

Description of Business


75 (35)

Assembly of AV units and parts


37 (32)

Assembly of avionics products and inspection and packaging of AV accessories


66 (35)

Assembly of electronic circuits (for massage chairs, shavers, etc.)


57 (24)

Manufacture of LED products and light sensors


38 (20)

Assembly of vacuum cleaner parts and maintenance of the internal environment


73 (43)

Growing and selling of orchids, sale and rental of decorative plants, distribution of internal mail, cleaning and beautification of company premises


47 (31)

Assembly of ventilating fan parts and printing of user manuals