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How do our voices work?
Try touching your throat as you say “Aaah”. You will feel that your throat vibrates a little. That vibration is the starting point of your voice. Each time we breathe out, air passes through our throat. There are folds in the tissue of your throat called vocal cords. When air from your breath hits the vibrating vocal cords, the air also vibrates. But your voice is not formed just by air hitting your vocal cords. Your voice is also made by the shape of your tongue, the shape of your lips, how open your jaw is, and the air passing through your nose. These things combine to change the sound of the air that comes out of your mouth. This creates different kinds of voices.

As you know, men have lower voices than women. Men have larger vocal cords and air passageways than women. This is why there are many different kinds of voices. This is also why men’s voices can make lower tones.