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Why do rattlesnakes make a rattling sound?

Wild animals live in harsh natural environments. Weaker animals lose out to stronger animals and are eaten. But all animals have a will to live and try to protect themselves in some way. This is why animals have developed clever ways to protect themselves. The reason a rattlesnake makes a rattling sound is to frighten other animals, as if saying: “You can’t eat me because I have poison”. Porcupines, which are covered in quills, rub inverted quills together to make a sound alerting other animals: “Don’t eat me”.

During normal activities, your brain waves are beta waves. But when you listen to gentle music, the chirping of birds, or the murmuring of a stream, these waves change to alpha waves, which can make you feel very relaxed. Two other kinds of brain waves are theta waves when you daydream and delta waves when you are sleeping.