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When and how was the Earth formed?

When and how was our home, the Earth, formed? The Earth is located in a vast universe. The Earth is in a solar system at the edge of a cluster of stars called the Milky Way galaxy. Now, let’s look into the secret of the Earth’s formation. 

The events that started the Earth’s formation go back about 5 billion years ago. Somewhere in the universe, a star exploded. The force of the blast created a large swirling of fine gas and dust particles. Matter gathered together at the center of the swirl and got hotter and hotter. Eventually, the matter got hot enough to trigger a nuclear fusion reaction. What this produced is the sun.

At the same time, gases in the circling swirl cooled and formed tiny particles. These particles grouped together and eventually formed large masses called minor planets. The minor planets were drawn together by gravitational attraction, making bigger and bigger minor planets. These were the original forms of the Earth and other planets. The original Earth is thought to have formed about 4.6 billion years ago.