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How come is the Earth called the Water Planet?

From space, the Earth looks like a blue shining planet. This is because 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. And this is why the Earth is called the Water Planet.

As the oceans formed on the Earth, it has been the only planet in our solar system that hosts a rich diversity of life forms. Although not all the details are known yet, it’s believed the first life forms emerged in the oceans. The combination of things like oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen dissolved in seawater created the first living cells. So life, the ancestor of all living things on the planet, originated in the oceans.

The oceans not only created life; they also helped protect life. Life on Earth first originated about 4 billion years ago. Living things faced many dangers on land at that time. For example, the sun’s ultraviolet rays were several times stronger than they are today. This is why life forms continued to evolve in the oceans for many millions of years. This is where the expression Mother Sea comes from.