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What will happen to the Earth at the very end?

The Earth has a lifespan like everything else. Its lifespan is closely related to the sun. The sun is always shining light on the Earth. But the sun will not shine forever.

The sun’s lifespan is said to be about 10 billion years. The sun has gotten brighter by about 1 percent every 100 million years. About 500 million years from now, because of the sun’s increasing heat, the Earth’s seawater will have evaporated and no life will be able to live on the Earth. And about 5 billion years from now, the sun will have expanded out so far that it will swallow the Earth.

At the very end, the sun will explode. Everything will go back to being gas and dust. It’ll be just like before the sun and the planets in our solar system were formed. But because of the sun’s explosion, the gas and dust will be scattered throughout the universe and become the materials for the birth of a new star.