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PET bottle recycling

Everyone regularly uses PET bottles to drink water, tea, juice, and other drinks. When PET bottles are recycled, they are turned into all kinds of things. Let’s take a look at how they are recycled.

First, the PET bottles are transported to a recycling center. At the recycling center, they are checked to make sure there are no non-PET bottle objects mixed in, and then they are slightly crushed to make them easier to transport. If there are leftover liquids in the bottles, crushing them can produce a terrible odor. So, you can make the recycling center people very happy if you wash out your bottles before recycling them.

From the recycling center, the PET bottles are transported to a recycling factory. They are washed clean, sorted by color, and crushed into little pieces. At a factory, the fine shards of thoroughly crushed PET bottles are used as material for making plastic products. The shards are also recycled into plastic files and rulers, carpet and tissue, and shirts and trousers. Some people might be surprised that PET bottles can be recycled into clothes.