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Is the Earth still active?

The Earth has been constantly active since it was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. Even today, volcanic eruptions and changes in the Earth’s crust still affect the oceans and continents in many ways.

Volcanic eruptions occur when rock melts into magma. The magma breaks through the Earth’s surface and spews out. Volcanic eruptions can cause major disasters from hot lava flowing out of the volcano and from volcanic ash and steam spewed up in the air. Did you know volcanic eruptions can even make new mountains?

Another sign the Earth is active are earthquakes, which cause the ground to shake and move. People do not know exactly why earthquakes happen. We do know earthquakes are caused by movements of the crust and plates in rock formations along fault lines. When rock formations crack after resisting very big pressures, the shocks are sent through the ground causing the ground to shake. The Earth truly is like a living being.