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What’s the center of the Earth like?

What exactly is the center of the Earth like? The inside of the Earth is a bit like a half-boiled egg. The Earth’s surface is covered by a very thin layer called the crust. We dig into the crust to obtain minerals and fuels like coal and oil. But looking at the entire planet, this layer is like a very thin shell of an egg.

If we go down deeper toward the center of the Earth, we will reach a layer called the mantle. The mantle is like the white part of an egg. Going farther down beyond the mantle, we will reach the core, which is like the yolk of an egg. The core is molten and is said to be as hot as 6,000 degrees Celsius. The mantle is made of rock. When rock in the mantle is heated by the core’s extreme heat, the rock becomes lighter and rises. When the rock cools, it becomes heavier and sinks. This process is called convection. It’s why rock in the mantle is always moving. As the mantle moves, land on the surface also moves little by little. It’s like the land is dragged along by the mantle.