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How do you throw away a refrigerator?

The amount of garbage increases when we don’t recycle electric appliances such as refrigerators and TVs. A refrigerator can be completely recycled. But do you know the rules for recycling a refrigerator?

A Put the refrigerator out on recyclable garbage collection day

B Take the refrigerator to a refrigerator factory

C Have a person from the shop where you bought it take it away

The correct answer is C.
Even if you put the refrigerator in the garbage on the regular garbage day, they will not take it away. When you discard a refrigerator, the rule is that you pay a fee to someone—the shop where you purchased it, for example—to come and take it away. This rule is called the Home Appliance Recycling Law. Besides refrigerators, this law applies to TVs, air conditioners, and washing machines.

The reason there is this rule is to make sure that these things are recycled. At the factory, TVs and refrigerators are split up by their materials—aluminum with aluminum, glass with glass, and so on—and then recycled into something new. So, the rule makes sure that we treat resources wisely.