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Are recycled products clean?

The origin of a recycled product is another product that was in use before it was recycled. But recycled products are not dirty in the least.

For example, recycled paper notebooks are made from old paper that we throw away. At a paper mill, the old paper is dissolved and ink is extracted, and then it is used as paper once again. The same goes for PET bottles and glass bottles. They are washed clean at the factory and then melted down and hardened into shape. Just like things made from scratch, recycled products cannot be made without cleaning, dissolving, and hardening materials.

But there is something else you need to know. Did you know that a notebook’s whiteness has a “whiteness scale”? A completely white notebook has a whiteness of 100 while a notebook with a bit of yellow has a whiteness of 70.

When washing the paper, the factory uses detergents and chemicals, but the amount used can be reduced when notebook paper has a whiteness scale of 70.

So, notebooks with a bit of yellow are good for the environment. And don’t you think that notebooks with some yellow are gentle on the eyes? From now on, when you choose a notebook, be sure to look for the notebook’s whiteness level.