Messages from the teams that were selected as finalists. Here are the thoughts & backstories behind each video.

Primary Category Primary Category
A message

Anuban Saraburi School


We hope this video will make everyone communicate in person more.

The Bremen Cog

Junior High Geestemünde


We are very proud to finish our first media project in school with the honor to show our result in a museum. When the exhibition was opened for kids, we also became good instructors not only for the young visitors but for all. “It is cool to focus on something, go all over the museum to find the right answers and be inspired by the huge amount of things from history. This work was worth it and it was so much fun to transform history into a story step by step”. Enjoy!

My Troublesome Friend

Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tuen Mun Primary School


To understand the ones who need help. With the help of our teacher, we all learned how to work together.

Secondary Category Secondary Category

Val Verde High School


The students want to convey the importance of self-worth and self-love through this video, as so many people are suffering with these issues. With knowledge and forgiveness, a person can move forward and lead a successful and productive life regardless of their past.

Help... I'm Trapped

111 Junior High School


To show the affects gadgets can have on the relationships we have with our family and friends, our social life.

Living Together

Assumption College Thonburi


We need to show love to all life. We want to say that not everyone in this world can live with elephants like Thai but, we want to show how people live with elephants; taking care of elephants culture and wisdom. In this project, we look closely into people and elephants helping us understand how people put effort to take care of all life in the world. This project make us know, “If we live in this world with love we can live happily”.

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