Sustainability Group CEO's Message

Photo: Panasonic Holdings Executive Director, President, Operating Officer, Group CEO Yuki Kusumi

Putting Our Management Philosophy into Action and Aiming to Become a Valued Company Needed by Society

With the idea that “A company is a public entity of society” as the basis of our management, Panasonic has grown as a company, together with our stakeholders. Through our business activities, we have made contributions to the development of society and solutions to societal issues, utilizing the various management resources entrusted to us by society. This way of thinking has not changed even today, as time has passed and society has developed. Rather, as various societal issues become more serious on a global scale and the international community aims to build a sustainable society, by such means as achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), management based on our original mission will become even more important.

I believe that squarely addressing various societal issues, including global environmental issues, and taking up the challenge of making a greater contribution to the development of society and the resolution of pressing issues will also lead to further improvement of business competitiveness. Management to increase corporate sustainability through contributions to achieving a sustainable society can also be described as ESG management. From Panasonic’s perspective, this is precisely about implementing our management philosophy.

Based on this way of thinking, Panasonic will strive to help reach an “ideal society” so that our children, grandchildren, and beyond can live with affluence both in matter and mind. And we will aim to become a valued company needed by society, thus enhancing corporate value from the perspective of stakeholders as well as enterprise value from financial aspects. I would like to ask for your continued support of Panasonic.

Representative Director, President
Group Chief Executive Officer
Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Yuki Kusumi

*This content is an excerpt from the CEO message of the Annual Report 2021.