Grand Prix & Best Script
The First Appearance of Light

An older sister who was more like a best friend to her younger sister decided to take her own life. Why didn’t the younger sister notice her suffering? The difficulty of communication is examined, based on a true story.

Best Videography Balcony Sunshine

A small schoolgirl doesn't like to communicate with others in her class because she stutters. A boy reaches out to help her, and she takes on the challenge of reciting a poem to the class. What do you suppose happens?

Best Witness We Are From...

Children of Iwaki City, Fukushima, are victims of the massive damage of the North East Japan Earthquake. After being separated from their friends and living in temporary homes, the day finally comes for their school to restart.

Best Research The Factory Chicken

Not much attention is paid to the environmental pollution caused by raising cheap, mass-produced, modern factory chickens. The negative effects are investigated while speaking with people around town.

Best Documentary Knife Crime:Think of Life Put Down the Knife

How can we prevent knife crimes? A search for ways to eliminate them includes comments from both offenders and victims.

Best Visual Effect Fuhgeddaboudit! (Forget about It!)

Paper cartons and plastic bottles find themselves in a park garbage can. These castaways can still provide valuable resources. Will they be safely recycled?

The five-member Finals Judging Panel selected the winning videos.

Five experts from the movie industry and the press in different countries chose the winning entry from the six finalists.

KWN Global Contest 2012 Premier Judges

Ian Cameron

Chief Executive Officer,
Ian Cameron Media & Communications Ltd.

Formerly Editor News,
BBC Nations and Regions

Othman Hafsham

Film Director and Managing Director,
Cinematic Sdn. Bhd.

Yuichi Ito

Professor of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Executive Director, Japan Animation Association

Darrell Spinks

President and Producer, Front Row Productions

New Zealand
Blu Steven

Producer and Managing Director,
WANTED Film Production Ltd.