Grand Prize & The Global Citizen Award

This was a masterpiece work on a difficult theme. What was most impressive about his work was the video making itself, whether it be the viewpoint or the technical aspect. What an outstanding and high level work!

It has a very professional opening - very news Like. The stage presentation was very convincing and very artistically done. The message is loud and clear.

The film invited the audience to experience the students own learning journey and how difficult they found it to illustrate a horrendous event.
Not only did the drama techniques help them capture the true horror of the holocaust but the really clever part of this film was the way they captured that success on video.
It was beautifully shot - there was great planning, camerawork, direction and lighting for the final sequences - the slo-mo, powder and black and white techniques combined to make a gripping climax and a fantastic film.

Best Friendship Award

A well developed, easy to watch drama telling the story of the unfamiliar "Kamil".
The natural development from meeting to friendship is well told. The appearance of the rock band and the rock BGM elevates this to being more than just a "nice" story, giving it a contemporary feel.
With regard to our own relationships and the people around us, the honest and positive action of the children actually gives us adults something to learn.

A good story well told with great editing that successfully dramatized the rescue scene.
Also good use of the music track to provide pace and excitement.

Best Witness Award

The Japanese students seem to have a great ability for bringing history to life through video.
They maintain interest by using a variety of production techniques such as the circle of students showing the size of the balloon - effective and engaging. The importance of capturing lessons from the past and sharing those lessons with future generations has not been lost on these students. A great script and production techniques have combined to produce a first class film.

This documentary was very well planned. The simple graphics are effective. Not many people know about the existence of the balloon bombs, but that history is revealed in this documentary.

Best Storytelling Award

Congratulations to the team at Mt. Aspiring College for producing such a beautifully told story! The story is unfolds simply through well-framed and well-chosen images, carried smoothly to the viewer with a very good mix of music and sound effects.
I was already very engaged by the time I was introduced to Summer and her character was immediately interesting and sympathetic. The communication theme, dramatized in this style, is well explored through Summer’s quest for answers. I can’t wait for the next installment of Summer’s story.

Good direction and storyboarding are hallmarks of this film. The opening black and white sequence with the mother leaving her baby on the doorstep then mixing through to the daughter in color as she’s leaving the home made a very strong opening.
There was also good use of music to highlight the mood swings between hope and despair. The end sequences were very well directed - I particularly liked the contrast that was created when the main character, Summer, had to thread her way through a variety of dynamic circus performers while heading nervously towards the caravan.

The K-Factor Award

I loved the spirit of this film - this film captured something hard to define but instantly recognizable - something that has a very strong emotional engagement.
I think this is also a great film for the students to show their peers.
The other point is that this film was nice and tight - short and sharp : these students understand the importance of brevity and clarity - they said what they wanted to say, they gathered the pictures to illustrate their message and they did this succinctly.

I like the title that is very simple but impactful. Children in different circumstances... I felt very close to the subject in which children watch seniors living nearby, respecting them as their hope. There’s a very strong message that despite reality first appearing as something negative, a clear declaration of one’s intentions and a strong will can create something constructive. I could feel a strong sense of reality in this work.

Best Cinematography Award

I enjoyed this well-rounded production that opens a window for the viewer to a real-life sustainability story that stands out in the Ecology category.
Well composed scenes introduced us to village life in a way that reflected the natural beauty of the countryside and we were able to appreciate the importance of retaining the quality of life these people enjoy. This was very well done in a short, lyrical style.
The innovative use of pig-gas was scientifically interesting and warmly personal at the same time. That’s a difficult blend of tone to achieve and this team did a great job.

Really lovely cinematography is in evidence here. Great composition and depth of field selection has been used to build a warm visual palette. Nice touches of humour combine with meaningful interviews to complete a very accomplished video.

Best Concept Award

The United States is a country made up of immigrants and this video depicts this reality well. This video introduces hunger as a worldwide problem and is portrayed beautifully from a global viewpoint. This is a work rich in internationalism.

This is a very important story with global reach and implications and the team conveyed the story in an interesting manner.
The amount of research conducted added credibility to the message. Raising awareness for this topic through the presentation was strengthened with the example of the Empty Bowls Association and their efforts.

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